The CIHA plans to publish one volume every year, with each volume naming and targeting a perspective that triggers certain terms as concepts and as paradigms. The newly founded CIHA Journal draws on the Beijing 2016 Congress to propose a reflection on the dynamics of terminology in relation to the changes of perspectives and paradigms that structure the world of art and its histories. Our aim is to find the significant appearance of terms in the course of history, their connection before their obsolescence or their diversion, and even their resurgence in different contexts and periods in a diachronic approach. We will keep in mind the dialectic between words, images, and things that do not completely overlap. Are the words of the artist and the art historian the same? Can a vocabulary be anachronistic? What does it mean for a term to be dated? Each volume gathers terms that highlight a certain perspective, a paradigmatic shift, a methodological challenge, or an interpretive power. Each issue will be supported by one or more editors, addressing a cross-cutting topic, where artists have created and adapted their vocabulary and where, in response, art historians have spoken a neighboring language, both borrowed and distanced. Más información: