CALL FOR PAPERS: 35th CIHA World Congress, Motion: Transformation

El Comité Italiano del CIHA está organizando 35th CIHA World Congress, Motion: Transformation (September, 1st – 6th  , 2019) con sede en Florencia, Italia. La recepción de textos será hasta el 15 de Enero de 2019. Copiamos un apartado de la presentación del congreso y puede encontrar más información en el enlace que aparece al final de esta publicación:

The 35th CIHA World Congress presents a unique experiment: for the first time a CIHA congress will take place in two different locations and in two different moments: in Florence, Italy, in September 2019 and in São Paulo, Brazil, in autumn 2020. It is dedicated to the general topic of “Motion” and invites the international community of scholars to discuss fundamental aspects of art and architecture under this heading in a broad transcultural perspective, from earliest times to the present. The Congress is conceived as a strong collaboration between the two national CIHA committees, who are responsible for their respective venues and will also create formats for a dialogue between the two events such as joint sessions in each place. The venues focus on two major, though not mutually exclusive aspects of Motion: Transformation in Florence and Migrations in São Paulo. The two committees are pleased to announce this intense collaboration and are looking forward to an extraordinary transcontinental debate about the most challenging concerns of art history and related fields today.

Motion: Transformation
(Florence, 1–6 September 2019)

(São Paulo, 13-18 September 2020)


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